Ancillary services

Laboratory services are provided on site, as are radiology services, which include MRI scanning, CT scanning, nuclear medicine, a digital catheter lab and general radiology. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services are available as requested by your surgeon.


Wakefield has the services of an inter-denominational chaplain. If you wish to be visited by a chaplain of your own faith, please ask your nurse.


Family and friends can phone you directly by dialing (04) 381 8100. When the phone is answered by the automatic answer service you will be given the option of dialing the extension you require. Dial 6 followed by the room number, i.e. room 301 would be 6301. Personal calls cannot be transferred on our 0800 number.

Fax facilities are available at reception. Unfortunately, internet facilities are not available.

Cell phones should be used only in reception and patient lounges.

Cultural Needs

Please let us know if you have any spiritual or cultural needs. Should the services of an interpreter be required, please let us know well in advance of your surgery to ensure that this is arranged. There is a cost for this service.


Our menus are carefully selected to provide you with a choice of meals each day, served in your room. A selection of snacks is also available. If you require a special diet please notify the nursing staff well in advance in order that the Food Services team can carry out your wishes.

Meals are served at approximately the following times:

  • Breakfast – 8:00am
  • Lunch – midday
  • Dinner – 6:00pm

If you miss a meal for any reason, simple meals are available on request outside of these hours until 7:00pm.

Tea and coffee-making facilities are available on each floor.


Patients at Wakefield have the right to respect, fair treatment, dignity and independence, appropriate standards of service, effective communication, information, informed choice and consent, support, participating in teaching and research and the right to complain. If you wish to make a complaint, click here to open a PDF of our leaflet with further information.

Phone Follow Up

Patients are asked as part of the admission process if they would like to be called after their procedure to ensure they are recovering as planned.

Mobility Equipment

Wakefield Hospital are pleased to partner with Rehab Rental to provide a variety of mobility equipment for hire. This can be arranged through the Physiotherapy Department.