Preparing for admission

Please complete the three forms which you will find inside the back cover of your information booklet and deliver, post, fax or email them to us to arrive at least 10 working days prior to your admission. If this is not possible, e.g. if your admission is urgent or has been arranged at short notice, then please bring the completed forms with you on admission.

  • Deliver: Wakefield Hospital, Florence Street, Newtown, Wellington
  • Post: A reply paid envelope is provided with your forms.
  • Fax: (04) 381 8101
  • Email: YWRtaW5Ad2FrZWZpZWxkLmNvLm56

We recommend that you take a photocopy of the forms and bring these with you on your admission day.

If you are unable to get these forms to us, or if you faxed or emailed them to us, please ensure that you bring the originals with you on your admission day.

For further information about these forms please refer to forms and brochures.

Prepayment / Prior Approval

A prepayment is required prior to procedures for all private paying patients who will not have a co-payment by an insurance company or any other third party.

If you have received documents from your insurer or ACC regarding prior approval, please ensure you bring these with you on your admission day.