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Cost estimates

Your specialist should discuss estimated costs with you before your admission and can usually give you an accurate estimate of the fees for their services and those of your anaesthetist.

The estimate we will give you will be based on current average costs and will comprise:

  • Theatre fees (based on time).
  • Medical supplies.
  • Accommodation.
  • Specialised nursing care (if applicable).
  • Intensive and high-dependency care (if applicable).
  • Surcharge for after-hours resident medical cover.
  • Special equipment and services.

Please remember these will only be estimates. They may be higher or lower than the actual amounts you are finally charged, if your particular treatment has been more or less complex than ‘average’.

Our actual costs are charged on an ‘as used’ basis (unless a fixed price fee is applicable) and can vary significantly from patient to patient, even for the same procedure.

As well as the hospital account, you will receive separate accounts from your anaesthetist, surgeon and/or physician. If you have received radiology or laboratory services during your stay, their charges will also be invoiced separately to you.

Prepayment / Prior Approval

A prepayment is required prior to procedures for all private paying patients who will not have a co-payment by an insurance company or any other third party.

If you have received documents from your insurer or ACC regarding prior approval, please ensure you bring these with you on your admission day.

How to prepay your estimated account

Please make sure you complete the ‘Paying Personally’ section on Form 2 and ensure the dollar amount in the box is the hospital estimate only.

Accepted payment options are:

- Up to and on the day of admission:

  Eftpos / Debit Card / Credit Card, Cash or Bank Cheque made payable to Wakefield Hospital.

- Up to 48 hours prior to admission:
   Internet Banking

  Bank account details:
   Payee: Wakefield Hospital
   Bank A/c: 12-3244-0037436-00
   Reference: Patient Name
   Code: Patient Date of Birth

- Up to 7 working days prior to admission:

  Personal Cheque made payable to Wakefield Hospital.

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