Haematology Update 2018 (Bowen)

11th Apr 2018 6:30pm-8:30pm at Bowen Hospital Seminar Room

Haematology Update 2018


Dr. Ken Romeril, an experienced haemo-oncologist trained in haematology and marrow transplantation.

Dr. Anup George, consultant haematologist at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Increased globulins do not always equal myeloma.
  2. Raised ferritin is often not genetic haemochromatosis.
  3. Clinical details are very helpful on the request form.


To register your interest:

Please download the registration form (below) and send by email to ZXZlbnRzQGFjdXJpdHkuY28ubno= or by fax to 04 381 8102.

Haematology Update 2018 Registration Form