Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Acurity Health Group redeveloping Wakefield Hospital?

Following the Christchurch earthquake, the hospital was issued Yellow Notices by Wellington city Council to seismically strengthen the building.  Acurity has undertaken to totally redevelop the facility.

When will resource consent be lodged? 

Resource Consent was lodged 31 October 2017.    

What services are being provided in the new hospital?

The hospital will continue to provide the same services.

What's happening with the old buildings?

The buildings are not heritage listed and it is not achievable to seismically strengthen the Yellow Noticed buildings. Safety is paramount so they must be demolished to make way for a purpose built health facility.  The project will acknowledge the building and it's history of providing healthcare to the Wellington community since 1929.

What impact will there be on traffic during construction? 

There will be additional traffic generated.  The contractor will be required to implement a traffic management plan.  This will be in accordance with Wellington City Council regulations. 

What is the project cost?

The estimated total end cost is NZD $100m

Who is designing the hospital?  

HSPC Architects are the Acurity Health Group portfolio architect. They have paired with Wellington based CCM Architects. AURECON, Wellington NZ, are the lead civil structural and services engineers. Other supporting consultants are all from New Zealand.

How strong will the structure be? 

The structure will be designed to an Importance Level 3 (IL3) as a minimum.  The structure is currently in development with a number of options under consideration.

When will construction commence and when will it be finished?

Construction will commence the third quarter of 2018 and be completed in the fourth quarter 2021.

Will health services be maintained during construction?

All health services will continue to be provided throughout the construction.  The staged delivery of the project will allow continuous provision of services and it will be Business As Usual for Wakefield. 

What technology will be in the new facility?

The hospital will be fitted with the latest and most advanced technology for healthcare.  Discussions with vendors have commenced. 

Will the rose garden remain? 

Currently the rose garden will not be affected by the redevelopment. 

Where do I find out more about the project?

You can view the project on 

Can I provide feedback?

Yes, feedback can be sent to email:  d2FrZWZpZWxkZGV2ZWxvcG1lbnRAYWN1cml0eS5jby5ueg==