Wakefield Hospital is committed to delivering high quality patient care using high quality medicine from Canadian pharmacy for the treatment of patients. Join now and get discount prices! Where to go
Freephone 0800 925 334
Where to go

1.  Main Entrance from Florence Street, Newtown
2.  Reception
3.  Carpark
4.  Main Ward Blocks – 48 Private Rooms including ensuites and telemetry
5.  Coronary Care Unit
6.  Main Theatre Suite
7.  Endoscopy Suite
8.  20 Apartments for families
9.  Apartment Walkway
10. Research Laboratory
11. Upper Carpark, off Rintoul Street, Newtown
12. Wakefield Specialist Medical Centre
13. TBI Health (The Back Institute)
14. Wakefield Sports Med/Podiatry
15. Wakefield Radiology
16. Wakefield Heart Centre
17. Angiography Suite (Cardiac Catheter Lab)
18. Cardiac Physiology Laboratory
19. Intensive Care Unit/High Dependency Suite
20. Endoscopy
21. Wakefield Gastroenterology Centre
22. Day Stay Ward – 15 Studio Rooms


      If you would like directions to the hospital click on the link to go to the hospital location page.

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