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Mission Statement

Our Mission

To be the pre-eminent provider of independent private specialist related Healthcare in New Zealand offering superior facilities and services to medical practitioners and their patients.

Our Vision

To be acknowledged as the market leader in terms of the quality of the facilities and services we provide and to be recognised within the communities we serve as a responsible and valued corporate citizen.

Our Core Values

  • The appropriate interests of all stakeholders including patients, their doctors, patients’ insurers, staff, suppliers, bankers, shareholders and the communities in which we work need to be understood and accommodated if we are to succeed;
  • All transactions and dealings with stakeholders will be conducted fairly, honestly, transparently, and with proper respect for their rights;
  • We will always be vigilant in caring for our patients and we will always maintain our respect for their dignity, confidentiality and well-being;
  • We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for employees, patients, visitors and contractors;
  • We will seek to always maintain a positive and constructive relationship with our staff by providing the support and resources to enable them to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently, with compassion and with pride and to the highest standards of professionalism. Effort and performance will be duly recognised;
  • We believe that we must always aspire to improve what we do, and if we work as a team we will achieve those improvements more quickly;
  • We believe private hospitals make an essential, significant and ever growing contribution to the health and well-being of the community, complementing and progressively offering timely quality alternatives in terms of facilities and services to those offered by public hospitals.
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